Game Developers Conference
March 24, 2014

This past week I attended GDC with another member of my team, Russell. We arrived Monday morning even though we only had expo passes. We stayed at a hostel which was sort of like camping.

New Assets
February 25, 2014

This weekend I worked on tons of new menu assets while Cody C. worked on a new HUD to fit our chosen story/aesthetic path, which I’ll post when they pull together. I worked on a new skybox method that we should have tried A LONG TIME AGO. I did attempt to do it this way […]

Redoing the UI…Again!
February 20, 2014

Tonight was our weekly meeting where we definitely were a bit out of control. Things weren’t coming together as expected and we knew we would need a change in the UI to make it more intuitive, but really we ended up doing a complete overhaul. Sitting down, our story we had made up for our mechanics […]

Open Play Testing Session
February 7, 2014

Yesterday, we had a play test session in class where we had master students and invited folk play our game. It was pretty crazy considering we had four different games doing play testing in the same room. Kira compiled a fantastic questionnaire for people to fill out as they finished playing the game. Later that night, […]

New Menu System
January 30, 2014

Lately I have been working on revising the level select screen. Originally, we had it as an image of the Galaxy and clicking on the areas with targets. This set up really blew our set up out of scope, so I made the decision to narrow this down to solar systems as blocks of levels. […]