Dry Run Pitch
October 4, 2013

We did it! My team and I met a few hours before class to work on getting everything ready. I was worried that it wasn’t solidified enough, but actually stood up to the development of other groups. I was pleasantly surprised with the reception of the game idea, and got a few compliments. I nearly […]

Finalized Pitch
September 26, 2013

My team and I have finally settled on a final pitch, which I’m quite pleased with! Basically: A Dystopian Biopunk city where you encounter odds based events and trade as the head of a syndicate that sates the Black Market’s flow of organs and body parts to a city that has a need for bodily […]

September 14, 2013

This semester I am enrolled in the Entertainment Arts and Engineering senior project at the University of Utah. “Students in the EAE capstone course will be tasked with making a videogame from the ground up. They will follow an industry model and work in teams to accomplish this goal. The professors will, as much as […]

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