Yubaba from Spirited Away Zbrush Sculpt
July 23, 2015

From my last post, I plugged Matt Thorup’s brilliant Zbrush Character tutorial. I created this sculpt of Yubaba riffing off of the techniques I learned in the tutorial. This was incredibly fun and sculpting wrinkles is pretty much the most relaxing thing ever.

November 9, 2014

I’ve been meaning to start this for quite some time. My goal this month is to get more anatomy studies done, and ideally will be at least 30 minutes which accompany a music mix I haven’t heard yet. I’ll post what I’ve done and what mix I sketched to, encompassing both of my interests! I […]

October 19, 2014

Here is a well I’ve been working on. It’s difficult to get all the bricks correct while trying to stay under a decent amount of tris. Keeping all the low poly models underneath the brick detail for easy unwrapping..

Machinima Class
February 3, 2014

This semester I’ve also been taking a machinima class. I decided to work on the “Memory Surgeon” project, which I have several folks on the team who are extremely talented and hardworking so that will be an enjoyable experience. A short hook for our story which Bennion Archer came up with: In the future, a […]

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