Connect Four
July 27, 2013

Connect Four project for CS 1410 EAE.

The final project shows a visual and playable version of what we have done in our coding adventures. As most people can gather, connect four is a game where you have two players controlling checkers that are dropped into different slots in hopes to get four in a row and best the opponent.

This was one of the most difficult assignments, but certainly the most rewarding. Almost nothing in the world of undergraduate beats the feeling of staring at this code for hours and finally seeing what you want it to do come out alright. What I learned about this project that the actual rules of connect four are simple when explained to another human being. But making a computer understand them is a whole different story. There are so many little details that we had to work out to make it come to a satisfactory level. One of the most mind bending parts was making the reset button and actually having the reset button wipe the whole board and not just one checker... Boy, that gave us some trouble. Luckily, our TA was able to help us out and give some suggestions. Another bummer is that the main font we used, "Mael" is visible in the title and was also used for all the buttons and the "win" message, but may not be viewable on other computers that don't have the font installed...

My partner Bryan and I spent roughly eight hours on this project. Most of it trying to break the game, which we never had trouble doing, and making Chewbacca noises in the corner in the lab. Some features that we added on to the minimum project was a counter on the lower left hand side that keeps track of whose turn it is. We also have the reset button that becomes visible once someone has won. Also, when someone wins, the checkers pulse visibility and a message comes up in the lower left hand side that tells you which player has won. We tried to decorate it to have a "theme" without looking too extremely kitchy. So here you are, "Ye Olde Connecte Foure".