July 27, 2013

Pong project for CS 1410 EAE
By Jiamiao Lin and Brielle Porter

You click the start button to begin the game and get the ball rolling. Then the left hand side is controlled by the mouse and the right hand side is controlled by the arrow keys on the keyboard. We started this project while it was fresh in our heads and we were able to make the ball bounce back and forth between the paddles. I thought, "Okay, this isn't so bad...". The last day we worked on the project, we saved the most difficult thing for last: the dreaded geometric vector class. It turns out, the Geometric Vector we were using from the past Turtle assignment was a little messed up to begin with, but we were lucky to have help from amazing TAs, Bennion Archer (a third TA for me) and all the great encouragement from other students in the lab.

My partner and I spent roughly 15~ hours on this project. Some may scoff at this amount of time and this result, but I am very proud of my partner and I since I think we are about the same skill level with programming. The enhancements we made were colored walls that will randomize the color every game, a rotating basketball as the ball, a "win" message, and an internal barrier.

Overall, this was a fun assignment to do. I would have a easier time if I had to do it again! It was a bit difficult at times because since Meli and I are on about the same level with programming, we would get stuck and neither of us could figure it out! But it all worked out great and she was also a fabulous partner to work with.