Bloody Cute
December 6, 2013

Kira, the tech lead on our Capstone game, asked me to help her make the art for a game she is developing for Android. I remember her pitching it to me at the beginning of the semester and I’m happy to see she’s developing it. Anyhow, the game is basically a matching game. You are Cupid, and you shoot your arrows to match cute animal pairs! If you misfire…they explode into a bloody mess. Cute AND gore? Sold!

I decided to do the art in a “painterly” style rather than strict outlines. Here is the bow and arrow I made tonight. I am especially pleased with the ends of the bow and the feather! It was fun to do. I love making assets and getting into those details.



Below are two of the animals I made a few days ago. I made the fox first, and just riffed off the fox to get the cat. Adorable. You don’t want them to explode right? There shall be more to come!



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