New Menus!
November 30, 2013

I’ll admit, I relaxed on Thanksgiving. Took a lot of naps and have been enjoying becoming a Pokemon Master in 3D. (I bought X a few weeks ago, I’m loving it! Fire starter 4 life!) I took out my old Gameboy Advance and Yellow. I wanted to get my original Color and Fire Red version, but they are at my parent’s home. It was really cool to sit down with both the games and start a new game at the same time. I am incredibly amazed at the progress that has been made in this short amount of time. Then again, I was about 9 when Pokemon Yellow was released in 1999. Ah, the hours I poured into that non-backlit screen, the absolute captivation! Back when I had to hold a flashlight between my knees under the sheets to play so my mother wouldn’t find out I was playing when I should be sleeping. Nostalgia aside, Pokemon X is a great addition to the Pokemon family. It’s sleek, but not without it’s flaws. I am finding it to be strangely linear, and the Gym Battles aren’t as challenging, but there really isn’t much to complain about here. All Pokemon fans have been waiting for a 3D installation, and this delivers.

select_screen_1Anyhow, I made some new menus to replace the green tinted ones. I felt it wise to match the blue of the HUD we incorporated into the game for a more cohesive feel throughout. I replaced the stock image buttons with ones I made from scratch. I also ended up making the contract menus (Orion Arm) have a dark blue background so you could read the text easier. I also thinned down the outline as to make it less clunky. When the player taps the red targets, it brings up the contract for that area. I made the digit sprites in the Orator font and Kira gave them a lovely alpha when she implemented the system.


Here is an example of a locked contract. This is what you will see when you tap a  target and the level is not available. Also, an updated version of our upgrades screen  with a place for the credits the player gathers in the upper right. I discussed with Kira how to make the buttons in the lower right hand corner look better when transitioning between the two screens. She suggested that we just grey out the button of  the screen we are on. We are all still a little iffy on the idea  of the buttons in general, I just came up with it as a  simple way to minimize confusing menus and seamlessly connect the two. We’ll see after play testing what folks think.


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