Preparing for Submission…and accepted!
April 11, 2014

April 4th we submitted our game for review to the PSM Network! Since that was a Friday, we waited until the 8th to receive back that it was rejected. There is one bug that they found and one violation of the guidelines, which is easily fixable before we can submit again. Since the other capstone teams submitted first, we were able to find some things out that would help our submission as well. Mainly we can’t have any images of the Vita and it needs to be able to run on Sony’s android phones. (Eek!) Which was not TOO big of a problem since PSM should do most of the compatibility behind the scenes anyhow. 

We submitted for review that same day, and heard back April 10th that our game was accepted and preparing for release! We are working on an update to make sure things are polished before the semester ends, but we did it!!


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