Learning Zbrush
July 6, 2015

Our game is complete and submitted! In my spare time at work, I’ve been learning Zbrush after years of putting off working with it. The interface and controls used to confuse me, but now I go into Maya using my “Zbrush fingers”. During my long days, I would often find myself using Photoshop shortcuts in Maya or vice versa.

Here is my first thing I sculpted in Zbrush. An elephant alien dude with a screen shot inside of Zbrush when I didn’t know about BPR. Also below is something I did in the morning before getting to work: San from Princess Mononoke.




The next thing I finished was the lovely lady below with the help of a coworker’s brilliant tutorials. Matt Thorup works at Disney Interactive with me as a Character Artist, here is his website! The tutorial that I followed for this is here which is the Intro to Zbrush and Character Design. I went from trying to sculpt a dynamesh sphere to a face, to a fantastic method of facial sculpting which I can’t recommend enough. Go get this tutorial, it will probably change your life. 🙂 tut1




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